The Land of toys

Welcome to the land of toys!

“But how does one spend one’s days in the Land of Toys?

Well they’re spent playing games, having fun, from morning till night. Then, at night one goes to bed, and the next morning, you start all over again”

This Land of Toys is not an imaginary place described in my Adventures, but here too there is fun to be had from morning to evening with an ample choice of curious and engaging experiences, gluttonous and adventurous.

I don’t know if you have ever seen money being minted and in particular real gold coins, if you have ever been in a real chocolate factory or if you have ever adventured into the belly of the earth.

Or what would you say about walking amidst gold fruit, to put yourself to the test in the craft of Geppetto , to see close-up the tools, machines and mechanisms of one who was an expert, or discover as you play, the adventurous life of an artist?

Because I know what you like.